On2 Salsa Dance Pattern: Hand Toss

On2 Salsa Dance Pattern: Hand Toss

Learn this slick hand toss pattern while dancing On2.

On 2 Basic Salsa Dance Step

On 2 Basic Salsa Dance Step

This is the basic On2 Salsa dance step.

Great Salsa Dancers From Around The Globe

Great Salsa Dancers From Around The Globe

Here are a few of the top Salsa Dancers from around the world.

Peru Salsa Congress 2012 ( Salsa Social Dancing )

  In this video you will see Andy Contreras and Karel Flores social dancing at the 2012 Peru Salsa Congress. ¬†As you can see in the video they dance very well together. They have good energy and most important they are having fun! The song you are listening to in the video is by Frankie […]

On2 New York Style Salsa Dance Partner Techniques

Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page] Here is a video which is an intermediate salsa dance pattern if you are an On2 New York Style Dancer. These moves are broken down so you can follow and practice with […]

How To Do A Cross Body Lead When Salsa Dancing On1 & On2

  Play the video above to learn how to do a cross body lead when dancing salsa on1 and dancing salsa on2. Make sure to watch the timing, your footwork and where your partner is with the beat. Leave your comments below on what you think of this video.

Basic Salsa Dance Step On1 And On2 For Beginners

Watch and learn how to do the basic salsa dance step on1 and on2. The song in the background is a classic by Ismael Rivera called El Negron Bembon You can listen to the actual song by clicking on this link here –> Listen to El Negron Bembon by Ismael Rivera.

Learning New Salsa Dance Steps: How To Get Started!

“Salsa” may just mean “sauce” in Spanish, but, on the dance floor, it means a fiery, spicy rhythmic ride that some newcomers may find too hot to handle. There are ways to cool off your anxiety and make sure that when you do join in this fusion of Cuban, Puerto Rican and African rhythms, you […]

Welcome To The Salsa Channel

Thanks for visiting the Salsa Channel. We have tons of articles, videos, music and how to videos on salsa dancing. Please make sure to subscribe to RSS or to our newsletter to stay connected with us. You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter to really keep up with us. If you have any […]